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Tank Atomic

Tank Atomic


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The player guides a powerful atomic tank through several stages of opposing enemy forces.

The tank moves only left and right and tank weapon consist of:

·         Main weapon is a TURRET GUN, can be aimed in a 180 degree span.

  •          HOMING MISSILE: can find and destroy enemy.
  •          MEGA LASER: appear on 30 seconds (10 seconds active) when collect 4 crater from enemy and can destroy all enemy.
  •          NUKE which can destroy enemies off the screen
  •          LASER.
  •          FLAK GUN
  •          ROCKET
  •          DEFENSE ORB,
  •          SHIELD

The Game Features:

         A total of 19 levels/missions along with two game modes (mission and survival).

  •          In mission mode, one must blast through countless enemies and defeat a boss at the end.

         (will be update in the near future).

  •          Survival mode one survives through never-ending waves of enemies until the tank is destroyed.

Game Play:

  • ·         Control Atomic Tank move to left or right via left joy stick control and shot via right joy stick control.
  • ·         Other whiles, we can move Atomic tank by swipe on the left screen and touch on right screen to shoot enemy.
  • ·         Nuke: touch on nuke icon on top-left of the screen

Option Menu:

  • ·         Enable/Disable sound
  • ·         Enable/Disable music.
  • ·         Show/Hide Joy Stick control.
  • ·         Share Facebook.